Why Choose Us

✔  Save time
You are busy. By performing minimal administration tasks in-house, you are able to focus on operations without having to spend time inputting invoices and setting up payments.

✔  Reduce fraud risk
By segregating the invoice approval, invoice entry and vendor payment processes between arms-length parties, you can rest assured that fraud risk is reduced beyond what a single bookkeeper can provide.

✔  Never worry about vacation coverage
Our team of professional bookkeepers covers each other’s vacation schedules, so you are never left waiting for financial reports.

✔  Reduce your audit and tax return fees
By utilizing best practices in accounting workflows and document management, we keep your financial statements compliant with Accounting Standards. This reduces the amount of work that will be required by your accounting firm during year-end financial statement preparation and tax returns.


Cloud Solutions, cloud reporting

All of our services are hosted on enterprise-grade cloud servers. This allows you real-time access to your information from anywhere in the world, on any internet-connected device.

Our utilization of eFileCabinet and TelPay allows you, the business owner, to have full control over invoice and payment approvals, or delegate authority to your department managers. Receive summary reports for all transactions, with an audit trail to see who approved each expenditure.


Go Beyond Financial Statements

The Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement is the industry-standard in financial reporting. Our services combine financial data with your operational data to create meaningful dashboards, split out by metrics that make sense for your business.

All of your reports are available on our cloud-based reporting solution.

Choose from the services you need

Does your business require in-house staff to process one area of the accounting cycle? For example, you may have sales clerks who process payments at the office, or warehouse staff that receive inventory. Our cloud-based solution enables your operational staff to issue Purchase Orders, create Sales Receipts, and manage inventory from the cloud. We will match up your transactions with other financial documents to process monthly financial reports.

For paper-based businesses, we will pick up your service orders and vendor invoices weekly and process the documents into meaningful reports for you to accurately track spending. Inventory counts will need to be conducted at each reporting period by your staff.